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Did Markham and Zonna Beat Beethoven?

October 11th, 2013, 10:38 AM
September 22:  Elderkin Attorneys Craig Markham and Craig Zonna participated with about 160 other runners in the Beat Beethoven 5K race held by the Erie Philharmonic.  Proceeds benefit the education and community outreach programs of the Erie Philharmonic. This unique race begins at the Warner Theatre with Erie Philharmonic Conductor Daniel Meyer’s downbeat of the baton and follows a scenic downtown course lined with radios so racers can hear Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony along the way. Runners who cross the finish line before the final beat of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony(approximately 30 minutes, 17 seconds) win a free Erie Philharmonic concert ticket.  For more information, go to
Oh, and YES, both Craigs beat Beethoven, completing the race before the final measures of the masterful and inspiring Fifth Symphony.  Perhaps next year they will attempt Chopin's One Minute Waltz. . .


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