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Real Estate Lawyers in Erie, PA

The Elderkin Law Firm's Real Estate Group represents a diverse group of clients. Whether individuals or small businesses, non-profit organizations or municipalities, mortgage banks, or major financial institutions, our real estate attorneys handle a wide variety of commercial and residential real estate matters.  We can help you with any real estate matter, from simple to sophisticated, including all aspects of acquisition, financing, management, maintenance, sale and leasing, as well as residential and commercial development projects, finance issues, tax assessment appeals, land use and zoning, environmental, leasing, and mortgage lending.

Diversified Experience

We represent clients in all facets of the acquisition, financing, leasing, maintenance and sale of real estate. We represent buyers, sellers, and financial institutions in the real estate purchase and sale process and we have extensive experience in drafting, negotiating and resolving easements, restrictive covenants, and boundary disputes.

Our professional real estate services include:


We represent both landlords and tenants in all aspects of residential and commercial leasing.

Commercial Acquisitions:

We counsel clients in acquiring, developing and financing commercial properties, including office and apartment buildings, telecommunications facilities, manufacturing facilities and industrial parks.


We have negotiated and drafted construction contracts and subcontracts for both small and large commercial construction projects. We represent both developers and institutional lenders in construction loan financing.

Residential Development:

The Firm assists clients in land development issues, from acquisition through subdivision development and zoning.

Planned Communities, Condominiums  & Condominium/Homeowner Associations:

We assist and advise clients in creating, converting and/or forming planned unit communities and residential and commercial condominiums and in establishing unit, condominium and/or homeowner associations and related governance issues


Our real estate attorneys have substantial experience in all aspects of real estate taxation, including Pennsylvania realty transfer tax, gift tax, capital gains tax and §1031 like-kind exchanges.


We represent and advise individual property owners, development companies, non-profit corporations and municipalities on all issues of zoning and land use law including local agency law and appellate practice.

Residential Transactions:

We advise hundreds of clients per year in the purchase, financing, sale, construction and refinancing of residential real estate.

Title Examination:

Our Firm has a broad background in all phases of real estate title work including examination, certification and related proceedings and litigation. We are agents and/or approved attorneys for Commonwealth Land Title Insurance Company, First American Title Insurance Company and Penn Attorneys Title Insurance Company.

Mortgage Financing:

Our clients include institutional lenders in residential and commercial acquisitions, construction improvement and refinancing


We represent a variety of residential and commercial clients in land use, zoning and tax assessment appeals..

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Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve just signed a contract to purchase real estate. What should I do next?

A lot of times an agreement to purchase real estate will be prepared by a realtor on a "standard" form. If you’ve been presented with such an agreement, but not yet signed it, it’s a good idea to review it with your attorney first. An experienced real estate attorney can point out provisions in addition to the "standard" ones that may be helpful to you, and can protect your interests based upon your unique factual circumstances. 


If you’ve already signed the agreement, your next step would be to contact your attorney so that he or she can begin the next steps toward closing.  If you are the buyer, your attorney will begin doing what we call "title work" — performing a title search on the property, to make sure you’re buying exactly what you think you’re buying, and that you’re going to take ownership of that property free and clear of any kind of liens or other encumbrances. If you are the seller of the property, than your attorney will help you in preparing a deed so that you can transfer ownership to the buyer.


The sooner you get your attorney involved in the process, the more smoothly your closing will go.

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