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Separation and divorce are governed by state law, not federal law, and every state is different when it comes to divorce law. Some states have formal separation proceedings that are different from divorce proceedings; New York is one of those states, but Pennsylvania is not.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between separation and divorce?

The difference between separation and divorce is really identical to the terminology.  Separation almost always means that the people are living in two different households, while divorce means they are filing a divorce lawsuit to have a divorce decree eventually issued whether they are living in different households or not.  You do not have to be living in different households in order to pursue a divorce action and you do not have to be separated in order to get divorced.  Some couples remain living under the same roof until the divorce is finalized, because they are unable to afford to do anything else.  If you are not living in separate households and you are divorcing then some of the issues that usually get resolved early in a divorce might not be resolved early, such as custody and support.

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