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Markham Participates in Law Day Run to Support AKT Homeless Students

April 28th, 2014, 8:34 AM

On April 26, 2014, Elderkin Attorney Craig A. Markham ran in the 11th Annual Law Day Run.  Markham finished third in his division. 


Proceeds from the the Law Day Run support Attorneys and Kids Together,  a program run by volunteers from the Erie County Bar Association that supports the educational needs of students living in homeless situations.  Volunteer attorneys provide various services including a mentoring-type program for homeless children with the objective of educating, building trust, offering role models, providing positive life experiences and building self-esteem.  An attorney (and his or her family, if interested) is paired with a student from one of several local shelters.  They, along with other paired attorneys and students, participate in approximately six organized and well-structured events that take place over a four-month period.  The program concludes with a trip via coach to a nearby city (Cleveland, Pittsburgh, or others) for a fun and educational finale. 


AKT also participates in developing grants through Books For Kids and First Books to provide reading materials for children in homeless shelters, helps with giving new backpacks to needy school children, helps with funding of high school events, such as prom and yearbook purchases for students in shelters and providing winter coats to those children. 


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